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Staying Productive.

I’ve got a short little tip for ya. I have another blog post about efficient habits for long-term projects and keeping your work area in… well.. working order. I have one additional piece of advice to give.

There are plenty of programs and tools online that help with organization like Trello (which I use), Monday (which I don’t use) etc etc… they keep making new ones without any signs of stopping. The reason I like Trello is because it is basically a digital version of a Kanban board.

“Bronson…….. what in tarnation is a Cummerbund board?”

Well… a Kanban board is… here I’ll just take a picture real quick.

I blacked out the task names… because… uhh… ..uhm….. MIND YOUR BUSINESS!

Kanban boards can be used for BIG projects or small ones. I won’t go into too much detail cause its pretty self explanatory. At the end of every day I get a bunch of post-it notes and i write down everything I’d like to do for the following day. So when I wake up and exercise and finish my morning routine I don’t have to expend any energy thinking about what I need to get done. It’s all planned for me! 😀
I did the planning last night! Past Bronson is on TOP of it.

So i sit down around 9 or 9:30 and get to work. As I start a task i move the task (or a “post it” with the task written on it) to the “start” position. If I have to wait on an email or someone else to get back to me I’ll move it to the “Delay” position. Then I’ll start something else while I wait. The goal is to get every task to the right, which is labeled as “DONE”

Seriously… you CAN do this digitally on Trello but my daily tasks are easier to keep track of if I use the ol’ analog method. It makes it feel kinda like a game. I can blast through everything I need (and WANT) to do well before my work day is over. And I can spend the rest of the time getting bonus work done until I’m pooped. Then I’ll plan for tomorrow. I’ll have a good idea of what’s possible cause I kinda got started already. (I’ll still start the task in the start position).

“So you have two boards for the same tasks? You mentioned that you use Trello AND the Clamblam board. What gives?”

You’re right. sorry. So I use the KANBAN board for daily tasks. Things that be finished in one or two hours. If my job for the day will take all day or all week I probably won’t use the Kanban board at all.

Let’s say I have LOTS to keep track of and a handful of people I’m working with all over the city/state/country/world (or whatever) on a single BIG project. Say, an album or a music video. lots of coordination involved on big projects so I’ll create a TRELLO for the big projects. It’s basically the same thing except you can’t run out of space on the digital post-it notes. I’ll probably have another blog post about my trello usage.

Until then… start organizing your tasks! work efficiently! It helps. especially if you’re a creative person. Our brains can get filled with clutter REAL quick. sometimes it helps to work without looking at the big picture. and sometimes it helps to step back and plan from what you see in the big picture.

Happy workin!

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