Rock Band Media: Bes and the long-term goals

Bes has started to focus on generating as much multi-media format material and entertainment as possible. We want as much Rock Band Media as we can get. Being a Progressive-Rock band, we feel we aren’t limited to making albums and releasing CDs. While our independence from big labels is nice, the hard part is we have to everything ourselves; the good news is we do everything ourselves. This results in us doing whatever we want. Our goal is to create music, videos, GAMES, art (outside of band promo) and other mediums that surround the LORE of this band. Games, posters, promo, videos, albums… everything will support a unified canon of work. Star Wars has the books, comics, movies, games and action figures. We can have those things too. Just for fun.
We aim to include several artists to support this genre of music. We feel that visual art can support this type of music in a HUGE way. When Bes albums start doing better and better (in sales) we will start reaching out to visual artists and creative folks alike to begin a huge entertainment group where our skills can be appreciated. As we support each other we grow and are able to create even MORE music, visual art, and videos! Sign up to our mailing list to keep track of any contests we hold.
Follow us by subscribing to our mailing list if you are an artist. When we have contests you’ll be informed and if your work is top notch you’ll be hired and brought onto the team. Think of Bes as a band with a lot of entertaining extras and bonus features. So keep an eye out for updates via our monthly mailing list!


 Rock Band Media Sinister Prog Mascot for Bes

Art by Spilligan: Commissioned by Bes