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The Presidents Changed How I Listened To Music

The Presidents Changed How I Listened To Music

Before I was an idiot The Presidents Changed How I Listened To Music. Why was I such an idiot, you ask?
Oh… cause I was 16. That’s right.

I bumped into two members from the Presidents Of The United States Of America one day and all I could say was, “Hey… You guys ever play a show with Primus. Primus is cool. You should do that.”

What on earth was wrong with me?! I know, I know. Idiot me. But I learned a lot from that moment. I tried to play it “cool” by not being weird in front of other people I admire. Shaking their hands and trying not to scream like the “fan-girl” I am, the only think I could do was change the subject.

Granted… a Primus and Presidents show would be stellar. The only thing that would make it better is if Jerry Garcia came back from the dead to grace us with his Julliard fingers. I DIGRESS! Later in my life I have saw them play live and I was totally blown away by their energy. Jumping, hootin’, hollerin’, rock ‘n’ roll… It’s a blast! Not to mention it was the very first time I realized that their songs are written with the audience in mind. The Presidents Changed How I Listened To Music!! So many lyrics are there for the audience to yell! I had to learn about this art-form. It was a SPECIFIC detail I wanted to notice in all of their songs and other’s songs as well.

I listened to their music for a month of Sundays. I kept an ear out for those little moments. Once you know what you are looking for these kind of things are so obvious! Why didn’t I see it before?!

This marks the first time I ever listened to music with the intent to study exactly what is going on in the songs. And this is how The Presidents Changed How I Listened To Music. Fortunately this was an easy start. Not like writing the structure of a King Crimson song or transcribing Rachmaninoff with your foot and a quill or even worse… Learning Ben Johnston’s 10 String Quartet pieces by ear. (You can’t)

This led to me writing personal reports on album subject matter, artwork, emotional context, lyrical content and technical achievements among other subjects. This is all after high-school, mind you. I had no business studying collections of music to this degree. Perhaps part of me felt I owed it to PUSA for being a weirdo.

This blog will hopefully be a record of my findings. For now I’ll settle for true stories that changed my outlook on life. If you’d like to listen to how I’ve utilized this skill listen to my most recent track, Cerebellum. Thank you for being a reader, listener and music fan in general!