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Pictures of Prog Rock Band Bes

Live Pictures of Prog Rock Band Performing On Stage

Live Pictures of Prog Rock Band Performing On Stage. Well, many stages. We do play a lot of shows, after all. Which ones stand out to you?

Got any live pictures of our prog rock performances? Hit us up via the contact page to request a picture submission. All clean pictures, shots and artworks in which something stands out in the image. Blurry photos get deleted. Sorry, not sorry. We also accept artwork when contests are in progress. Soon!

Pictures of prog rock bands CAN be boring… so if you’re handy with photo shop try to spice things up a bit. Bes is all about multi-medium pieces. So you artists out there submit stuff and it might be turned into a poster or a sticker. Permission will always be requested and we will split proceeds. Thank you very much for checking out these pictures and being on our website. If you haven’t checked out our songs yet be sure to stop by the Downloads page to listen to streaming prog rock demos.

Are you a photographer? Do you live near Tacoma, WA? Let us hire you! We love working with new photographers and all types of camera-folk! Videos and photos are always needed. Hit up our contact page to inquire about being hired for such activities. Do you live out of state? Keep an eye on our tour dates and we’ll likely hire you while we’re on the road near your current city. Sign up for our mailing list so we can email you with tour dates and shows in your local area. You’ll get free songs in the process, too! So gear up and get ready to take pictures of a live prog rock band performing live on stage.