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Almost lost a finger, almost lost my future in music.

This story contains SOME relatively gory details. Nothing too bad, but if you get a bit squeamish… I suggest you SKIP to the point of the article just after the highlighted section.

I was 8 years old. Like any other kid my primary goal was PLAY. I don’t even remember the day of the week, but it was sunny, I turned 8 in November and eventually I went back to school with a cast on my finger/hand; It was probably a Saturday.

Here’s what happened.

Some friends and I were playing hide and seek. I considered myself to be agile, and also quite sneaky. So I hid high up a tree on the edge of my backyard, which stood over a tall wooden fence. I climbed up, rested on a branch… and waited. Two friends screamed and ran around the side of my house through my backyard.
The kid who was “IT” turned the corner, and had just missed any sight of the previous kids running through. With an odd stroke of luck he looked up, and saw me peering carefully through the branches.
“I see you!!”
“Crap” I said to myself.


It’s really not THAT gross, but… it is if you google it.

I scampered down the branches to escape my hiding place which only had one exit: Down.
I jumped off the lowest branch from the ground, which hung a good 12 feet from the ground. My hands held in the air as I fell. It was a smooth jump. I saw my landing zone and I had jumped from that height many times before. But this time I was wearing a ring on my right hand. My middle finger, to be precise. That wooden fence that sat below the giant tree was fairly new, and a few nails that weren’t quite hammered in all the way seemed to have been waiting.
My ring, due to some stroke of incredibly bad luck, hooked right onto one of those nails. My fall was diverted in a split-second from falling straight down to smacking against the side of the fence with a loud “KTHUNK!” I wasn’t even concerned about the pain from my face. There was something else that distracted me from that pain. I was suspended in the air. My feet never touched the ground and my finger erupted in pain which shot all the way through to my eyeballs.
The ring stopped halfway off my finger due to the skin being torn and pushed onto my 2nd knuckle. I had partially De-gloved my middle finger. For the first 5 seconds I wanted to be tough. I didn’t want to cry. I kicked vigorously against to fence to knock myself free. After only a few kicks I gave up, I knew I needed help. I screamed. I cried. No words were uttered. I couldn’t think. I just only overwhelmed with what would be my new definition of pain. My sister, fortunately was working in the backyard and dropped everything.
Neighbors across the street happened to be leaving as my sister guided me to their van. They quickly got a bowl of ice and we left. I don’t remember the trip to the hospital. I only remember getting to the stop sign at the end of our street. I barely remember the surgery that cut off the ring from my mangled middle finger.


Doctor said I should’ve lost my finger. Even after it was operated upon he said that I should expect permanent discoloring of my finger. They also said that I’d never be able to fully use it properly again.

Doctors aren’t always right. Not only was I able to heal faster than expected but I was back to playing the piano just like before within 6 months! In fact the only problem I have is I have to pop that finger a bit frequently. Also that finger is permanently 1cm longer than the other one! I see it as an advantage! I’m like a super hero! Now when someone flips me off in traffic I feel I have the upper hand. (longer middle finger makes it stronger of a gesture, right?)
There are a few light lines (where the skin was… well…you know). But there is almost no scarring. Especially since it has been nearly 22 years since it happened.

See? Almost nothing.

Not only did I get back into playing music, but I picked up the guitar several years later. Several years after that I actually took music seriously and began to build a career. I like to think that even if I lost my finger I’d still make music, but I can’t help but think that it was almost a career breaking accident. There are a few techniques that are a bit more difficult but nothing is impossible. Especially with a little bit of extra work, and extra work never hurt anybody.


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