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Electronic Press Kit for Prog-Rock band Bes

Electronic Press Kit for Progressive Rock band Bes and other important pieces of information. To get a good idea of what Bes is all about it is probably easiest to just watch a video or listen to a song at the bottom of the page. Let us know what you think and if you need any other info for booking. If you really like the songs consider signing up for our mailing list to get two songs for free.

For Tech Rider, Stage Plot, Rider, and other Promo Material send us a message with the email below or just visit our Contact Page.



Electronic Press Kit for Progressive Rock band BesPromo video:

Cerebellum by Bes:


The Tribe by Bes



    Bes is not all about prog. We’re also all about progress, professionalism and being as prepared as possible. We like to know all of the info necessary before we leave for a show. Do we need to bring our own mic stands? No problem! Do you have plenty of mic stands? Cool! When we book a date we will be communicating regularly. So thank you for considering us and lets book something soon! When you send us an email for booking include your City/State and we will keep track of all emails and send out several messages requesting a date for our tour. Our songs are exceptionally organized and so is our business methods. We will also ask for a few recommendations for local artists, photographers and marketing folk so we can push the show as much as humanly possible. We aim to make EVERY show a huge success. This has been the Electronic Press Kit for Progressive Rock band Bes. Thank you for getting to the bottom of the page and let us know what you think. Peace out!