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“If you like Primus, Mastodon, Rush or Clutch…  You should keep an eye on this band.”  


New Album OUT NOW! April 2020
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12 tracks of delicious, experimental, heavy rock. Tap the album art to get to do some sleuthing.

After several years of hard work our album is not only finished… but we are already writing new material! If you aren’t sure, type your first name and email in the form and I’ll send you a song for FREE.

We’re really excited about this new release for several reasons. ONE: our fan-base is bigger, which means more people will enjoy it and ultimately demand a tour. We live to serve our fans a full serving of our own brand of rock. TWO: Now that the album is done and selling like mad… we can justify continuing this project. We’ve already started on our next album. at this rate we will have a new in no time! Sign up for our mailing list if you want more updates on that. THREE: it’s an excuse to make more music videos. We have 3 more in the oven right now and 2 of our ideas are finished. Go to our “MEDIA” page to check out some of our music videos.

And FOUR: With any luck, we will see you on tour. Keep an eye out for that newsletter.

P.S. Before you head out… grab a free song download.
I really think you’ll enjoy it. On the off chance that you don’t…
well.. it’s free. Free is good.