If Nerds would rock and roll…

“If you’re a fan of Primus, Mastodon, Mr. Bungle, Clutch or Rush then you should keep an eye on this band…”

Rock scream live show

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We are a rock band with prog elements that offer a high-energy, full-throttle performance. Yeah it’s prog. But the experimentation is founded on the musicians having a good time. We write for ourselves and hope you can come along for the ride. “Yeah, but does it sound good?” We are literally making music that we enjoy and music that we think rocks. If we have similar interests it is quite possible you will think we sound good. The moment we become bored with something we amp it up. We take our TIME with each song and never allow ourselves to repeat something TOO much. Context is everything and every idea leads to new, original creations that focus on two things. Fun… and rock’n’roll.